Baby Shower Invitations

by Olive Berry Paper, LLC

Swag Banner Baby Shower Invitations

I just love banners that swag across an invitation and I’d been itching to create one for a while now. That’s where the inspiration for these came about. There are three styles to choose from: baby boy invitations, baby girl invitations, and gender neutral invitations. Each one features a different graphic element that hangs off of the text.

Available as a DIY digital file or in printed format.

DIY digital – $15.00 (We design it, YOU print it)

Printed format – Price Varies (YOU kick back and relax, WE do the work)

Visit DIY Digitals by Olive Berry Paper to order.


One Comment to “Baby Shower Invitations”

  1. I think you can even prepare some artificial banners which you can hang on the doors ( am saying this because you said you love banners), this is not my idea but i have seen this when i was once invited to my cousins Baby Shower party and believe me the banner which has been placed in the entrance had became a highlight in the party !

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